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Zap Helpdesk (Email to Case) – for Dynamics 365 for Customer Service

Most Comprehensive Helpdesk Solution built on Dynamics 365 for Customer Service Platform!

Zap Helpdesk App is a game changer solution in turning your Out-Of-Box Dynamics 365 Customer Service module to an advanced Customer Support system competing in the likes of Zendesk or Freshdesk!
Our vision arises from the fact that Dynamics 365 for Customer Service is not a product but a super advanced platform.

The app has tons and tons of features and functionality which has been built over years of experience and feedback from our customers. Our team is constantly evolving the app with newer features added in every iteration.

Before getting in to more details,  check out our Blog: How to design a Customer Support process when using Dynamics 365 for Customer Service?

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Product Features

Basic Features

Yes, you can have your Customer Service Email-to-Case Support process setup & running in 30 minutes using Zap Helpdesk (Email to Case) solution! Email to schedule demo!

Zap Helpdesk copies the email body to the case description field. If the email body has HTML then it strips the HTML tags before copying over to create a clean case description.

Based on your business model (B2C/B2B), you have the flexibility to set the Case Customer to be either Account or Contact. We provide the below options:

  1. Account-Contact (Search Contact and link parent account / If no parent account then link Contact) [This is the most used option]
  2. Contact (Search Contact only)
  3. Account (Search Contact and Link Parent Account only)

If No matching Contact / Account found then you have the option to link Case Customer to a default dummy record (Account or Contact)

When an incoming Customer email is received, CRM automatically applies pattern matching technique to link this email to an existing Case. However it has been found that this technique is not at all reliable and can result in duplicate cases getting created.
Zap Helpdesk App has an advanced algorithm to extract the “Case Number” from email subject and match it to Case in CRM. This technique is 100% reliable. Moreover if Case Number is not present in email subject then it can fall-back to the OOB pattern matching / tracking token technique too.

If your customers frequently send support requests to your support agent mailbox (eg instead of genric support mailbox (eg. then this “Forward to Create New Case” feature can come-in very handy!
“Forward to Create New Case” allows creating of a new case by forwarding the customer email to support mailbox. Zap Helpdesk then intelligently retrieves the customer email address from the forwarded email and links the case to the original customer! For details, refer link.

Spam is a major productivity problem everywhere. Zap Helpdesk App has a spam filter which allows exclusion of certain emails from case creation based on matching keywords (eg undeliverable, delivery failure, spam etc). For details, refer link.

Email-to-case creation may get caught in to an infinite loop of new case creation and email notification, if the sender has an auto-reply or an out-of-office responder set. Zap Helpdesk has a built-in feature that allows detecting the looping pattern and breaking these loops. For details, refer link.

Zap Helpdesk comes with standard set of Notifications already built-in (email as well as in-app). You can easily switch on/off these notifications from configuration section.

For more details, refer blog: Notifications Module with more then 10 built-in notifications (email as well as In-app)…now added to Zap Helpdesk App for Dynamics 365 for Customer Service

When using Out-of-box Email-to-Case in Dynamics 365 for Customer Service, you would have noticed that Case is not created from Fwded Emails having a different “SentTo” address (then the Queue email address on which Email-to-Case Rule has been configured).
Now using Zap Helpdesk App, you will be able to create Cases even when support related emails are sent to email alias.
This is a very common business scenario where you are handling your Customer’s support and the emails from their support mailbox are automatically forwarded to yours.

For more details, refer blog: Now Create Cases even from Forwarded Emails (having different SentTo Address then Queue Email address) when using Zap Helpdesk App for Dynamics 365 for Customer Service

In Zap Helpdesk, if an email communication is regarding an existing case, then you have the option to either re-open the case if it was already closed or create a new one. This is controlled via configuration settings.

If most of your support agents are comfortable in replying Customer emails directly from Outlook then this feature will be most useful. The feature will eliminate the need for manually tracking the sent emails from Outlook to each Case. All you got to do is ask support agents to CC support queue email address in all their email responses… Zap Helpdesk App will automatically identify the correct case (based on case number in email subject) and track the email to the Case! For details, refer link.

Zap Helpdesk App can automatically create new contact from unknown sender when converting email to case. Further the parent account of this new contact can also be intelligently set by searching for a similar contact with matching domain. For details, refer link.

Smart Rules configurator allows you to create multiple rules which can:

  • Route the Newly Created Case to specific Queue
  • Set the Owner of the Case to User/Team
  • Set default values for Case fields (like Case Origin, Case Priority, etc)

Each rule has capability to define a matching criteria. The Match can be based on Case.Customer or Sender Email/Domain or Text Match with Email body/subject.

For details, refer link.

Along with providing Support email channel (, you may also have a “Support Request” page on your website. When user fills in the page, you may be receiving an auto-generated email with the customer issue details.
Now using Helpdesk “Web-to-Case” feature, you can directly have this email parsed and create Case record in CRM…with all important case fields automatically populated with the issue details.

For more details, refer blog: How to parse structured email data to create Case…automatically populating the case fields when doing email-to-case using @ZapObjects Helpdesk App for Dynamics 365 for Customer Service CE

Zap Helpdesk provides a very detailed event logging which can help you easily troubleshoot any issue.
Below shows screenshot from one of the logs:

The classic approach to test email-to-case scenario is to send email to support queue and then wait for it to arrive in CRM…before it can be converted to case.
Zap Helpdesk App now has a “Test Run” feature which would allow you to test multiple scenarios instantly…right from within the configuration page…no more waiting…

Advanced Features

Do you find it hard to understand all the historic communication from Case Timeline? It’s easy to get lost with all vital details hidden in multiple email threads!
Zap Helpdesk App extracts newer responses from each incoming and outgoing email as well as portal comments to create a noise-free communication history which is easy to read!

For more details, refer blog: View Case field changes, Clean email conversations, portal comments using newly introduced “History” section in Case form when using Zap Helpdesk App for Dynamics 365 for Customer Service

When agent is COMPOSING an email to respond back to Customer as a part of ongoing case communication, then “Quick Response” feature can do any or all of the following:
  • Auto-populate Email FROM Recipient (Can be Queue or user – based on helpdesk settings)
  • Auto-populate Email TO Recipient (will Customer + any additional recipients marked in the incoming email which created the case)
  • Auto-populate Email SUBJECT with Case Number & Case Title (as per the selected email template)
  • Auto-populate Email BODY with Signature + Full CLEAN History of email & portal communication (for more details regarding this, refer point 9)
  • Allow adding of CANNED Responses
Thus allowing to QUICKLY COMPOSE an Email for a faster response to Customer!
Below screenshot shows “New Email” form with our “Quick Response” button:

For more details regarding this feature, refer blog (link)

Now with latest version of Helpdesk App (2022), you can configure which all Case fields you need to track for changes!
Below screenshot shows History section (which is added to Case form by Helpdesk App): Here you can see the Case field updates!

For more details, refer blog: View Case field changes, Clean email conversations, portal comments using newly introduced “History” section in Case form when using Zap Helpdesk App for Dynamics 365 for Customer Service

In the context of customer service / case management, how do you achieve that users see updates on cases?
For example, if some user added a note, agent sent an email to requestor, requestor sent an email regarding case, etc… out-of-box no one sees in the queue view that anything has changed. So you must be wondering as HOW DO I GET ALL UPDATES FOR MY CASES?
Here Zap Helpdesk – Recent Case Updates Panel can help!!!

We had found that lot of our Helpdesk Customers are more comfortable in responding to Customer responses for Cases from Outlook… rather than from with Dynamics 365 CE App…
Keeping this requirement in mind, we decided to introduce “Email Commands” feature for Helpdesk App!
Few common examples of using email commands are: performing activities such as changing the case status, assigning it to a different agent, adding a note, responding to Requestor with full chain of conversation history from your Outlook but having email automatically go from your Support Queue (which is also the most requested Use-Case), getting case history etc.

For more details, refer:
Blog 1: Now Manage Cases directly from your Inbox using Zap Helpdesk: Email Commands!

Blog 2: Now respond back to Case Requestor/Customer from personal inbox and automatically have the email “FROM RECIPIENT” as your Support address (e.g. when using Email Commands feature of Zap Helpdesk App for Dynamics 365 for Customer Service

Pre-defined or saved responses help facilitate faster replies to customer and boost agent productivity. Canned responses are super scaled down version of Dynamics 365 Email templates. You would use canned responses when you need to insert pre-typed text / sentences multiple times across your email.
Below shows screenshot of how we can insert canned response from New Email Form:

You would have noticed that most of third party Customer Service systems like Zendesk / Freshdesk provide the ability to include full communication history in all responses sent to Customer.
Now this can be achieved even using Helpdesk App!
Below Screenshot shows how a new email response being sent by Support Agent includes:  New Response + History of clean Email & Portal Comments!

For more details, refer blog: How can Support Agents include clean email & portal history in all new email responses being sent to Requestor / Customer when using Zap Helpdesk App for Dynamics 365 for Customer Service.

You can define various case statuses that can help track case progress. Below shows a sample case lifecycle:

Some examples of these enhancements are:

  • Automatically detect Customer response emails and notify Case owner / team as well as set case status to “New Response” .
  • Auto set case status to “New” on creation.
  • Auto-notify Customers if no response received from them within X business hours (helps in reducing dormant cases)
  • Auto-Notify Case Owner if no response has been sent by them within X hours of receiving customer response.

For details regarding these enhancements, refer blog: Case Lifecycle Management using different Case Statuses when using Zap Helpdesk App for Dynamics 365 for Customer Service

Recent Updates

  • COMPOSING a NEW Email in Dynamics to respond to Customer is now quick & easy: “Quick Response” feature added to OOB Email Form… for auto-populating From-Recipient, To-Recipients, Email Subject, Email body with Case email history, Canned Responses etc… there by boosting agent productivity. (Mar, 24)

  • Ability to automatically change the Case Status to “Responded” (this can be configured) when an agent is replying to Customer issue from Outlook. (Mar, 24)

  • Fix for displaying email signature in quick email reply panel.

  • Case History tab has now been made available even for Dynamics 365 mobile app.

  • Search capability added to “Recent Case Updates” panel

  • Major improvements in Recent Case History. Now users can selectively dismiss the notifications. For details, refer blog.

  • Compatibility added for German Language.

Latest Testimonials

General FAQ

Can I trial Zap Apps?2018-04-19T17:08:07+05:30

Yes, all our Zap Apps come with a 15-day trial. Please note that there is no functional difference between trial and licensed version.

How do I start trial?2018-05-16T18:39:54+05:30

Download and install the app solution file. Browse to Zap Apps >> Zap License to open the license registeration page (Refresh the page, if “Zap Apps” is not visible in sitemap). Fill-in the details and click “Register” button.

This will automatically start your 15-day trial. Feel free to email if you have any questions.

How do I purhcase a Zap App?2018-04-19T17:10:23+05:30

You can purhcase any of Zap Apps from our online store. If you have already taken the trial then just let us know your CRM organization name and we will activate the trial to paid license online (no need to uninstall and reinstall the solution).
If you have not yet installed the solution in production then proceed with installation and registeration… once done let us know the CRM organization name.

How do I find number of enabled CRM Users?2018-04-19T17:08:36+05:30

All our apps are licensed by user-tier which is based on the total number of enabled CRM Users. To find the enabled CRM users, browse to Settings >> Security >> Users and change the view to Enabled Users.

How do I get license for free Zap Apps?2018-04-19T17:10:40+05:30

Zap Objects offers few apps as free for commercial use. In-order to get your free license, register the license profile online. (Refer licensing KB articles for more info)

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Other Zap Apps that can further boost Customer Service Capability

  • Track and log time spent by support agents on cases directly from Case form (either using built in Timer functionality or manually add Start & End Times or duration) using Zap Time Entry App!

  • Copy/Clone/Duplicate Case in 1-Click using Zap Copy Record App!

  • Schedule daily Case Reports to be received in email automatically as per configured schedule using Zap Report Scheduler App!

Customer Testimonials

An absolute must have for any Support Team that deals with inbound Email
In deploying Case Management for an organization that receives >70% of their support cases from inbound email we were struggling with email-to-case that comes out-of-box with dynamics. When we found Zap Helpdesk App not only did it meet our needs for the creation of cases from inbound email to case processing, but the extra capabilities from their spam protection to notes attachment viwer completely streamlined the way our Support Reps manage their day.

We are extremely pleased and highly recommend the product for solving your incoming email problems.

Ben Walter

Helpdesk App fixes huge and obvious deficiencies in Dynamics – the ability to automatically link an email to a case even if the subject text has been modified, and displaying all attachments on the case form. But there are bunch of less obvious cool features, for example Helpdesk App allows us to forward customer email to create new case and automatically link the customer to case (they cleverly extract the customer email address from email body text).

And as many have mentioned, the support from Zap team has so far been outstanding!

Susie Killburn

Easy to use and filled many gaps
As soon as we started using dynamics email-to-case, we notices process gaps with email. Helpdesk app was easy to install and configure. We found great help in the Knowledge Base and when we did need support great responses from the team. The automatic tracking of all our email communications with the customer was the best part (we had struggled a lot before we found this app).

William Henry

Very useful application!
I came to know about helpdesk app after using the standard Email to Case feature which isn’t useful at all!
The app makes the Case process much smoother.
Their support team is very professional and I always got very quick response
I’d recommend them for anyone needing email support in Dynamics 365.

Chris Parker

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