Troubled by a growing backlog of cases? Finding it difficult to assign cases during inflow spikes?

When using Dynamics 365 for Customer Service, especially on one of those busy days, digging through an ever-growing pile of cases and rerouting cases to the right agents can be extremely cumbersome and time-consuming. If you a have multi-tiered support system, this process gets even more complicated.

The future of automation is now. Why let your staff do this tedious task when they can better spend their time engaging customers?

Zap Helpdesk – Email to Case App enhances and extends the out-of-box Std. Email-to-Case functionality. The app has tons and tons of functionality. For the complete list, refer app features page. A really cool feature is that it allows you to define routing rules. In routing rule, you can specify a filter to route the newly created case automatically.

Let’s see how:

Sample Routing Rule 1: If incoming customer support email contains keywords like “return”, “exchange”, “refund”, then automatically route the case to High Priority Queue and assign to Support Team.

For this requirement, we can create a routing rule as shown below:

Sample Routing Rule 2: All incoming customer support emails from or to be automatically assigned to “Retail Support Team”

For this requirement, we can create a routing rule as shown below:

You can create multiple routing rules and sort them in particular order… such that rule with highest priority number will be applied first …if no match found then the next rule is executed and so on…

With routing rules, Zap Helpdesk – Email-to-Case App can help your customers get the right response at the right time leading to better customer satisfaction and retention!
Use the below link to take a free trial of Zap Helpdesk – Email to Case App now: