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Zap Copy / Clone / Duplicate  Record

Copy / Clone records (with unlimited child records) in Power Apps / Dynamics 365 CE in a single click or on SCHEDULE! Save time on data-entry!

Duplicating of record is one of those nifty features that doesn’t exist in Power Apps  / Microsoft Dynamics 365 CE out-of-the-box. Using Zap Copy Record App you can copy, clone or duplicate record in single click!

Latest Feature (Dec 23): Feature Enhancement: CLONING of Field Service Work Orders!
In the latest release of Zap Copy Record App, we provide more flexibility on what fields to exclude and what child entities to clone along with Work Order. Also the “Install sample templates” feature will include templates for Work Order related entities. (link)

Latest Feature (Nov 23): Now schedule a record to be CLONED at a later date!
In the latest release of Zap Copy Record App, we have added a new functionality called as “Copy Recurrence”. This allows you to automate COPY/CLONE of any record based on a defined recurrence pattern. For details refer blogs: Creating Recurring Opportunities (link), Creating Recurring Maintenance Cases (link)

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Product Features

  • Easy configuration – Very simple configuration section with ability to install sample data to get started fast!

  • Ability to copy related records (1..N, N..N) (eg Quote along with Quote products or Account along with notes)

  • Bulk copy records (copying multiple records) in 1-Click!

  • Bulk copy single record. (e.g. Creating multiple copies of a record)

  • Deep Copy – Copy child records (up to N levels)

  • Copy record from one entity to another (e.g. Copying Case record to Opportunity)

  • Schedule a COPY/CLONE (recurrence pattern: daily / weekly / monthly) **Latest Feature –  Added Nov 23

  • Advanced CLONING functionality for Field Service – Work Orders **Latest Feature –  Added Dec 23

  • Ability to set default field values for newly created record

  • Option to exclude certain fields from getting copied

  • Configure the prefix for the copied record

  • Supports system as well as Custom entities

  • Ability to Copy Record even using Power Automate Flow / Workflow

  • Supports even Unified Interface forms

  • Fully configurable – Copy button will automatically show up in the entity form ribbion based on configuration and security role (no need for any manual customizations to add form button!)

General FAQ

Can I trial Zap Apps?2018-04-19T17:08:07+05:30

Yes, all our Zap Apps come with a 15-day trial. Please note that there is no functional difference between trial and licensed version.

How do I start trial?2018-05-16T18:39:54+05:30

Download and install the app solution file. Browse to Zap Apps >> Zap License to open the license registeration page (Refresh the page, if “Zap Apps” is not visible in sitemap). Fill-in the details and click “Register” button.

This will automatically start your 15-day trial. Feel free to email if you have any questions.

How do I purhcase a Zap App?2018-04-19T17:10:23+05:30

You can purhcase any of Zap Apps from our online store. If you have already taken the trial then just let us know your CRM organization name and we will activate the trial to paid license online (no need to uninstall and reinstall the solution).
If you have not yet installed the solution in production then proceed with installation and registeration… once done let us know the CRM organization name.

How do I find number of enabled CRM Users?2018-04-19T17:08:36+05:30

All our apps are licensed by user-tier which is based on the total number of enabled CRM Users. To find the enabled CRM users, browse to Settings >> Security >> Users and change the view to Enabled Users.

How do I get license for free Zap Apps?2018-04-19T17:10:40+05:30

Zap Objects offers few apps as free for commercial use. In-order to get your free license, register the license profile online. (Refer licensing KB articles for more info)

Zap Copy Record FAQ

Can “Copy Record” App create a copy of record having multiple child records (eg Opportunity with “Opportunity Products” as well as “Notes”)?2018-09-01T19:21:27+05:30

Yes, “Copy Record” app can create a copy of record along with its multiple child records. You can select multiple 1..N child relationship when creating Zap_CR_Configuration record for an entity.

When cloning Child records which “Copy template” is used?2023-12-05T15:46:44+05:30

Let’s consider an example: Suppose we need to Clone an “Account” along with its related child “Contacts”. So you will need to create a “Copy Template” of “Account” as well as “Contacts”. Then within the “Copy Template” of Account…in section “1..N Templates”… select the Contact “Copy Template” that should be used when child contact is being cloned.
If “Copy Template” is not selected in “1..N section” then we pick the first template, we find for that child entity.

When to enable “Deep Copy” feature of Zap Copy Record App?2023-12-04T18:30:33+05:30

Copy Record App can clone record along with its child record. (e.g. Opportunity along with child: opportunity product).

You will enable the “Deep Copy” feature when:

  1. You need to CLONE Child records which are more then 1 level deep.
  2. Cloning of child records even with 1 level is giving time-out error.

“Deep Copy” is a check box in “Copy Template” record.

Can we Clone/Copy from 1 entity to another?2023-12-04T18:34:42+05:30

Yes, of course. There may be certain scenarios where there is a need to clone from 1 entity to another. Common examples could be:

  • Cloning from Contact to a Lead
  • Cloning from Case to Opportunity

For details on how to configure “Copy Templates” for these scenarios refer KB article:

When setting default values for the CLONED record…can we set a date-time field with a future date?2023-12-04T19:08:32+05:30

Yes. You can set the date-time field of the newly cloned record with a default value.

– To enter a static date… use format: mm/dd/yyyy
– To enter a dynamic date… use tokens like: {{today}}+n where n could be any integer (e.g. {{today}}; {{today}}+5; {{today}}-1). These tokens output will be a date.

Is it possible to automate CLONING of record?2023-12-04T19:16:53+05:30

Yes, you can CLONE a record using a Workflow or Power Automate Flow.
For details, refer blog: Use Power Automate Flow / Workflow to automatically create a Follow-up / renewal Opportunity by cloning an existing opportunity (link)

Is it possible to automate setting of COPY Recurrence for a record?2023-12-04T19:19:05+05:30

Yes, you can set a COPY Recurrence (ability to schedule a COPY for a future date) for a record using a Workflow or Power Automate Flow.
For details, refer blog: Use Power Automate Flow / Workflow to automatically create a Follow-up / renewal Opportunity by cloning an existing opportunity (link)

Can we clone Field Service “Work Orders”?2023-12-05T12:30:37+05:30

Yes. You can clone “Work Orders” along with its products, services, service tasks.

Please note that the “Copy Templates” settings for Work Order are slightly different then those of other entities (as we had to customize our cloning process especially for “Work Orders”). For more info, please refer blog: Clone Dynamics 365 Field Service “Work Orders” along with related products, services & service tasks using Zap Copy Record App (link)

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Feature Highlights

Feature Highlight #1: Copy a Record in 1-Click

Feature Highlight #2: Copy Multiple Records in 1-Click

Feature Highlight #3: BULK Copy single record

Feature Highlight #4: Copy from one entity to another in 1-Click (e.g. Creating a Lead from Contact OR creating Opportunity from Case)

Feature Highlight #5: CLONE Field Service “Work Orders” and related products, services & service tasks in 1-Click

Feature Highlight #6: Deep COPY (copy parent – child – grandchild – great-great grand child and so-on)

Feature Highlight #7: Scheduling a COPY (Recurring Maintenance Cases, Recurring Opportunities, etc.)

Feature Highlight #8: Use Power Automate Flow or Workflow to COPY/CLONE

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