Duplicating of record is one of those nifty features that doesn’t exist in Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM out-of-the-box. Using Zap Copy Record App you can copy, clone or duplicate records in single click!

Recently we had a very specific requirement from  Customer for copying not only parent record but also all of its related child records (up to 5 levels down)! Our existing Copy Record App (for Dynamics 365 CRM) could copy a record and its child records up to only 1 level deep. Eg if you are cloning an opportunity record…you could also clone the related child opportunity product records too!

To accommodate this request, we needed to build some kind of recursive logic which would automatically traverse the child records up to N levels deep and Keep COPYING! This required changing our existing Copying / Cloning record logic completely!!

Without getting into any more geeky details, I would like to let you know that we have successfully added this DEEP COPYING functionality to our existing Zap Copy Record App! Now you would be able to copy not only existing record and child records…but also grand-child…great grant-child…great-great grand-child and so on…up to N levels deep.

For more details regarding features, refer: https://zapobjects.com/apps/zap-copy-record/
For details regarding how to use this feature, refer KB article: https://support.zapobjects.com/zap-copy-record/how-to-copy-record-along-with-its-child-records-up-to-n-levels/
Install from Microsoft Appsource: https://appsource.microsoft.com/en-us/product/dynamics-365/zap.zap_copy_record