Zap Calendar Pro (Schedule Anything)2023-08-25T08:02:58+05:30

Zap Calendar Pro (Schedule Anything)

Manage team calendar + Schedule Resources + Add any table data + Google Calendar Feeds

//New Build to be released by Aug 31st, 2023. Below text reflects the functionalities in the new release and may not be available at the moment.

Users are more comfortable in working with date-oriented information in Calendar-like interface rather than traditional tabular format.

Below is an overview of high level functionalities:

  • Team Calendar
  • Resource Scheduling
  • Visualize Any Table Data
  • Add Google calendar feeds to your calendar

Common Use-Cases:

  • Manage (Create/Edit/Clone/Mark Complete/Assign/Delete) Team Appointments, Phone Calls, Tasks (& other activities)
  • Schedule Service Activities
  • Track Opportunities Nearing Close Date
  • Track Contracts nearing Expiration
  • View your Marketing Campaign Calendar
  • View Company Holidays within your Team Activity Calendar
  • Leads Follow-Up Calendar
  • Scheduling of rooms for trainings
  • Renting Cars
  • Resource Availability Calendar

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Product Features

  • Visualize any Dynamics 365 / Power Apps data in Calendar

  • Easily manage your Teams Activities – Task, Appointments, Phone Call, Email, Service Activity, Custom Activity

  • Make your Activity Calendar data more useful by adding information from other Entities eg Displaying Opportunities which are approaching Est. Close Date OR displaying Contracts which are approaching Expiry OR displaying Holiday data from  custom entity “Holidays”

  • Overlay multiple calendars and quickly filter to see just what you need at the moment

  • Make better business decisions – easily see the gaps or over-commitment in your teams calendar

  • Schedule data even from custom entities (e.g. Scheduling of rooms for trainings)

  • Can create as many Calendars as needed (and share them with all or specific Users/Teams)

  • Fully customizable Global as well as Personal settings (you can customize calendar to meet your specific needs…eg select colours for each activity, customize the tool-tip, calendar item title, calendar views etc)

  • Multiple Calendar Views supported: Classic Calendar View, Timeline View, Agenda View, Top Down View

  • 1-Click actions supported directly from Calendar – Mark Complete, Clone, Create, Edit, Delete, Cancel, Assign, Share URL (Cloning feature requires subscription to Zap Copy Record App)

  • Drag and Drop to reassign or change the date-time of any activity

  • Attachment icon displayed across Appointment activities having attachments

  • High priority activities can be shown with exclamation icon

  • Overdue activities can be shown with warning icon

  • Filter records easily in Calendar by using Search Control

  • Ability to embed Calendar even in Dashboard

  • Compatible with Dynamics 365 Mobile App

  • Multi-Language Compatible

Calendar Views

Multiple Calendar Views (4): Classic Calendar / Agenda / Timeline / Top Down
Time-Scale (3): Day / Week /  Month

Feature Highlight #1: 1-Click Actions like: Edit/ Clone / Delete / Mark Complete / Mark Cancel / Assign

Feature Highlight #2: Easily Drag-and-Drop Appointments to change scheduled date/time or to reassign to different User

Feature Highlight #3: Build and Share Unlimited Calendars with your Team (each configuration could have different default values, filter conditions)

Feature Highlight #4: Add data from any Entity to Calendar (e.g showing Open Opportunities based on Est.Close date)

Feature Highlight #5: Using “Calendar Pro” from Mobile App

Feature Highlight #6: Multi-Language Compatibility

General FAQ

Can I trial Zap Apps?2018-04-19T17:08:07+05:30

Yes, all our Zap Apps come with a 15-day trial. Please note that there is no functional difference between trial and licensed version.

How do I start trial?2018-05-16T18:39:54+05:30

Download and install the app solution file. Browse to Zap Apps >> Zap License to open the license registeration page (Refresh the page, if “Zap Apps” is not visible in sitemap). Fill-in the details and click “Register” button.

This will automatically start your 15-day trial. Feel free to email if you have any questions.

How do I purhcase a Zap App?2018-04-19T17:10:23+05:30

You can purhcase any of Zap Apps from our online store. If you have already taken the trial then just let us know your CRM organization name and we will activate the trial to paid license online (no need to uninstall and reinstall the solution).
If you have not yet installed the solution in production then proceed with installation and registeration… once done let us know the CRM organization name.

How do I find number of enabled CRM Users?2018-04-19T17:08:36+05:30

All our apps are licensed by user-tier which is based on the total number of enabled CRM Users. To find the enabled CRM users, browse to Settings >> Security >> Users and change the view to Enabled Users.

How do I get license for free Zap Apps?2018-04-19T17:10:40+05:30

Zap Objects offers few apps as free for commercial use. In-order to get your free license, register the license profile online. (Refer licensing KB articles for more info)

Zap Calendar Pro FAQ

Can you club data from other entities too along with Activities?2020-04-29T18:45:38+05:30

Yes, you could club data from multiple entities and show them in Calendar along with activities (which also is optional).
When configuring Calendar, you can specify which all entity data needs to be included. Here you could also select any dynamic filters that need to be shown.

Does Zap Calendar Pro App support custom activities?2020-04-29T18:46:25+05:30

Yes, custom activities are also supported. You can filter by activity type from within calendar interface. Besides you could also pre-select which all activity types need to be shown in Calendar.

Can you edit Activities from Calendar interface when using the mobile app?2020-04-29T18:47:59+05:30

When using “Dynamics 365 from Phones” app, limited Calendar functionality is available. For example you can only create/edit following activities from mobile: Task, Phone Call, Appointment.

For more information regarding using Calendar Pro from mobile app, please refer our support KB articles.

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