Zap Calendar Pro App provides a custom Calendar interface within your Dynamics 365 Sales, Customer Service & Power Apps. Any dynamics 365 data having Date-Time can be easily visualized in the Calendar.

Some of the common use-cases of using Calendar interface within Dynamics 365 are:

  • Team Activity Calendar: Manage Team Appointments, Phone Calls, Tasks (& other activities)
  • Availability Scheduling: Streamline scheduling by allowing resources to manage their availability / absence.
  • Share Calendar internally: Better collaborate with others by sharing calendars with selected users/teams.
  • Service Activity Calendar: Schedule Service Activities
  • Opportunity Calendar: Track Opportunities Nearing Close Date
  • Bookings Calendar: Schedule Field-Service Work Orders
  • Marketing Campaign Calendar: View your Marketing Campaign Calendar
  • Leads Follow-Up Calendar
  • Scheduling of Rooms for trainings

A very common use-case is the need to show the availability of the user / resource in Calendar.

In this blog, we will show you how this can be easily achieved using Zap Calendar Pro App!

Lets consider the below user scenario:

My team uses “Team Activity Calendar” built using Zap Calendar Pro App for managing their activities.

We have 2 office locations; my team needs to regularly schedule onsite meeting with me.  So, when they are scheduling a meeting with me from the “team calendar”… they need to see on which day-time I would be available and in which office location.

Below are the steps needed to achieve the above use-case:

Step 1: In “Team Calendar”, add “Availability Activity” as recurring event. (the “availability” activity is a custom activity and has already been added to the sample template “team calendar” that we provide). For instructions, refer KB article.

Step 2: Add necessary option-set values to “Zap_Availability” option-set (as per our business requirement):
We will add below option-set values:
Available – Office 1, Available – Office 2, Unavailable

Step 3: Now, once the calendar has been configured…I will add my availability as below:

Available in “Office Location 2” from 1 PM to 4 PM every Monday & Tuesday.
Available in “Office Location 1” from 8 AM to 12 PM every Wednesday & Thursday.

Open the activity calendar… double-click the required cell…this will open up the New Event creation form…here select the event as “Availability” and click “New”.

This will open the “Availability” form…here enter the start time & end time; then save the record. (as shown in screenshot below)

Now click on button “Set Recurrence”… this will open the recurrence form (as shown in screenshot below):

Here select the required recurrence pattern, start range, end range and then save & close the form.

Below screenshot shows my “availability” that was added for different office locations.

Thus we can see how easy it is to set user/resource availability when using Zap Calendar Pro App!