Duplicating of record is one of those nifty features that doesn’t exist in PowerApps / Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales / Customer Service out-of-the-box.

Using Zap Copy Record App you can copy, clone or duplicate records in single click!

Recently, we received a requirement from one of our Customers to create an “Opportunity” Record from “Case”.

We run an I.T. support company and automatically when an E-mail is received it is converted to a case.
Sometimes these E-mails are requests for new products and services.
Is there a way to easily create New Opportunity records directly from Case?

Well, there isn’t any out-of-box way to Clone / Copy a record from one Entity to Another… But this can be easily achieved using Zap Copy Record App.

Lets go through the steps on how this can be done using Zap Copy Record App:

Step 1: Open Zap Copy Record App and then create a new record for Zap CR Configuration.

Here select the source entity as “Case” and target entity as “Opportunity”. Then save the record

Step 2: Provide the field mappings between Case and Opportunity record.

For example, in present scenario we would like to copy the following fields over from Case to Opportunity:

Case Title => Opportunity Topic
Case Customer => Opportunity Account
Case Contact => Opportunity Contact
Case Description => Opportunity Description

Step 3: Select fields that need to be set with any default values.

Here you can set the default values for the fields of target entity.
e.g. Set Default Check box to yes for Opportunity. Created From Case //this is a custom field in our opportunity record which we are setting to yes automatically

Now, we already had a configuration for Cloning of a Case record…to this we added a new configuration of Cloning “Case” to “Opportunity”.

So, when a user clicks on the “Copy” button in Case form… a pop-up will be displayed asking the user to select if they want to Copy/Clone Case record OR would like to create an Opportunity from this Case.

Based on the selection, the record will automatically get copied over… and the user will be redirected to the newly created record.

Thus, we can see that its quite easy to Clone/ Duplicate records in Dynamics 365 Sales or Customer Service using Zap Copy Record App in just 1-Click…whether cloning the same record or record to another entity! Save time on Data-Entry!!