Duplicating of records is one of those nifty features that doesn’t exist in Microsoft Dynamics 365 CE/CRM out-of-the-box. Using Zap Copy Record App you can Clone / Copy / Duplicate records in single click!

We are happy to let you know that now we have added the feature even to do Bulk Clone! This will speed up your Cloning process even further.

Here is the demo of Bulk Clone feature:

Features of Copy Record App:

  • Easy configuration – Very simple configuration section with ability to install sample data to get started fast!
  • Ability to copy related records (1..N, N..N) (eg Quote along with Quote products or Account along with notes)
  • Deep Copy – Copy child records (up to N levels)
  • Bulk Copy –  Copy multiple records in single click
  • Ability to set default field values for newly created record
  • Option to exclude certain fields from getting copied
  • Configure the prefix for the copied record
  • Supports system as well as Custom entities
  • Supports even Unified Interface forms
  • Fully configurable – Copy button will automatically show up in the entity form ribbion based on configuration and security role (no need for any manual customizations to add form button!)

Here are some useful links that would help:

Please feel free to email  sales@zapobjects.com if you have any questions!

Latest updates from Zap Objects (Dec 2019):

Zap All-in-One Combo Plan: Get best value by subscribing to our Zap All-in-One Plan! Our Next App will be released in Jan 2020 (details to follow soon).

Zap Report Scheduler:

  1. Now Schedule Multiple Excel Templates to receive in single email
  2. Now even Schedule Views to receive in email or Save to SharePoint
  3. Workflow Capability now extended even to Word Templates (not just reports) to send Documents (PDF/Word) in email or save to Sharepoint or save to notes.

Zap Email Reader

  1. Reading pane data now working asynchronously which drastically reduces the loading time!
  2. Emails are retrieved not just based on Regarding field but also participant list (was most requested feature for Contact related emails)

Zap Helpdesk – Email to Case App

  1. Fixed bug related to extracting email address of sender (from email) when email domain contains numeric values(e.g. abc@3step.com)
  2. Released 9.0 build which is compatible with Unified Interface

Zap Calendar Pro

  1. Added ability to add Calendar to data from any entity along with Activities
  2. Released 9.0 build which is compatible with Unified Interface.
  3. Added lots of advanced features. For more information, email sales@zapobjects.com

Zap Copy Record App

  1. Released 9.0 build which is compatible with Unified Interface. You can download the latest file from AppSource.
  2. Bulk Copy feature added: Now you can select multiple records in View and Clone/Copy/Duplicate in single click!

To explore all our Apps, check out: https://zapobjects.com/

Feel free to email sales@zapobjects.com if you have any questions.