Zap Objects: Helpdesk Email-to-Case Solution provides a very powerful Email-to-Case functionality which has been built on top-of Dynamics 365 for Customer Service platform.

To get a high level overview of the Email-to-Case Support process using Dynamics 365 Customer Service, please refer our earlier blog: How to design a support process (email-to-case) when using Dynamics 365 for Customer Service?

In this blog, we talk about it’s “Email Parsing” feature:

Let’s understand the Email Parsing use-case:
Along with providing Support Email channel (, you may also have a “Support Request” page on your website. When user fills in the page, you may be receiving an auto-generated email with the customer issue details.

Now using Helpdesk “Email Parsing” feature, you can directly have this email parsed and create Case record in Dynamics 365…with all important case fields automatically populated with the issue details.

All you got do is create parsing rules in Helpdesk App configuration page.

A Parsing Rule is a collection of simple instructions which tells our algorithm what kind of data you want to pull out from your emails. Typically you’ll create multiple parsing rules, one for each data field that you need to  populate in Case record(e.g. description, case title,  case priority, etc.).

Please note that you can create multiple parsing configurations and each could have its own paring rules. These rules can be applied to email only when they match the filter criteria (eg sender email, sender email domain or email subject)… So basically parsing can be selectively applied to incoming email!

Another use-case could be: You may be receiving structured email data from some legacy system and would like to automatically create a support case! Here too the email parsing feature would be helpful!

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Latest Updates from Zap Objects (Sep 2020):

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  3. New Build Released: Zap Report Scheduler: Now works with Power Apps (Model-Driven) too! (Schedule Reports, Views, Excel Templates + Generate & Email PDF/Excel of Reports or Document Template using Workflows)
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