Zap Objects: Helpdesk Email-to-Case App provides a very powerful Customer Service desk functionality which has been built on top-of Dynamics 365 for Customer Service platform.

In the latest release (May 2019) of the app, we have also added Web-to-Case functionality!

Let’s understand Web-to-Case Use-Case in more details:
Along with providing Support email channel (, you may also have a “Support Request” page on your website. When user fills in the page, you may be receiving an auto-generated email with the customer issue details.
Now using Helpdesk “Web-to-Case” feature, you can directly have this email parsed and create Case record in CRM…with all important case fields automatically populated with the issue details.

All you got do is create parsing rules in Helpdesk App configuration page. A Parsing Rule is a collection of simple instructions which tells our algorithm what kind of data you want to pull out from your emails. Typically you’ll create multiple parsing rules, one for each data field inside your email (e.g. Email, subject, description etc.).

To take free trial of Zap Helpdesk – Email to Case App, refer our app page:

Latest Updates from Zap Objects (May 2019):

  1. We have now added Workflow capability to Zap SSRS Report Scheduler App
    (Using Workflow: Send email with report attached / Attach report to Notes / Save report to SharePoint Online)
    E.g. UseCase: On invoice approval, auto-generate the invoice PDF document from Report and email it to Customer!
  2. Our next App Zap **** will be released in June 2019. More details would be added soon!
  3. We have now added Zap Lead Qualify Without Opportunity App also to our combo package: Zap All-in-One Annual Subsciption: