It is a common practice for users to receive daily / weekly reports from Dynamics 365 Sales or Customer Service in email. This way they are kept updated with all business and operational data in real-time.

Zap Report/View Scheduler App allows scheduling Reports (Multiple PDF, Excel files in Email), Views, Excel Templates (Multiple Excel files in Email), Word Document Templates (Multiple Word Docs) + Save to SharePoint + Send Multiple Reports in Email using Power Automate / Workflow + Export Report (Manual) & Auto-attach to email + Send in Teams!

Recently we received a requirement from our existing customer that they would like an option to have the Daily Leads Follow-Up Report be generated at 9 AM on daily basis + be saved to SharePoint + share the download link in their Sales Teams Channel.

We are happy to let you know that now Zap Report Scheduler App can automatically share the report in your Teams Channel too!

This blog will explain the configuration steps needed to schedule a report, save it to particular SharePoint folder path and then have the download link be shared across Teams Channel:

Step 1: Configure report to be scheduled (Select Entity & Report)

Step 2: Configure the schedule (daily / weekly / monthly / hourly):

Step 3: Configure Delivery options (Email Inline / Email Attachment / SharePoint / Teams):

Step 4: Configure SharePoint folder location:

Step 5: Configure Teams Channel where Report download link needs to be posted:

The report download link (SharePoint file location) will be automatically posted on this teams channel when the report has been generated by Zap Report Scheduler App! This way everybody stays in-sync with the new leads added last week.

For more details, refer features page:

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