By setting up Email-to-Case in Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM, you can automatically convert an incoming email to Case. This way all emails sent by customer to your support queue would be converted as cases in CRM.

We have observed that customers occasionally send emails directly to the support in-charge (eg, instead of generic company support mailbox (eg

The simplest and the most obvious way is to forward that email (received from customer) to your support mailbox. This way the email will be tracked in CRM and also new case would be created (by email-to-case). However since the email was forwarded from your mailbox (and not from customer’s email), the resulting Case does not get linked to the original customer…and so new case creation email notification is not sent to them.

How can Zap Helpdesk – Email to Case App help?

Zap Helpdesk – Email to Case App enhances and extends the out-of-box standard email-to-case functionality. The app has a built-in advanced algorithm that handles a forwarded email. This is called as “Forward to New Case” feature…

“Forward to New Case” allows creation of new case by forwarding the customer email to support mailbox. Zap Helpdesk then intelligently retrieves the customer email address from the forwarded email body and links the case to the original customer!

How does “Forward to New Case” feature works?

To forward an existing email to create a new case and automatically link the case to the original customer: append a marker (eg “#”) in the email subject. 

Below is sample email with marker:

email subject: # FW: laptop not starting up
email body:

From: Dan Cary []

Zap Helpdesk App will identify the marker (“#”) in this email subject…interpret this as “Forward to New Case feature”…and then perform below tasks:

  1. Create a Case in CRM with case title: laptop not starting up
  2. Extract the Customer email address ( from email body and then link the Case.Customer to a matching account/contact based on the configuration settings.
  3. Send new case creation email notification to customer (

Out-of-box email-to-case is very basic in terms of functionality that it offers. Zap Helpdesk – Email to Case App has tons and tons of features and can help you in providing a rich customer support experience.

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