In latest release of Zap Helpdesk App (Mar 22)… we have added standard set of Notification rules that can be easily switched On/Off.
These notifications can be sent by Email as well as In-App.

Agent Notifications:

  • Case assigned to User / Case assigned to Team: Sends notification on case assignment to new case owner.
  • New Case Through Email: New Case creation notification sent to owner or support team.
  • New Email Response from Requestor/Customer Through Email: This notification is sent whenever a newer email response is received from Requestor.
  • Follow-Up Support Agent if No Response Sent: This workflow triggers whenever Requestor sends a new Response…if within X business hours…no response has been sent back to Requestor… then this notification is generated.
    For more info…refer blog: How to automatically remind Support Agents to respond for Cases which have received New Response from Requestors (link)
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Requestor Notifications:

  • New Case Through Email2Case: Send an automatic Case creation email notification to requestor. Here you can use different email template based on whether Case is created within or outside business hours.
  • Re-Open Case Through Email
  • Follow-Up Requestor if no response received within X hours: At times, cases can become dormant if requestors are not responding in timely manner. You can configure an automated follow-up email to requestor if they do not respond back in a timely manner. For more details regarding this functionality refer blog: How to avoid DORMANT Cases by sending automated follow-up reminders to Case Requestors / Customers to respond back to the Support Team (link)
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