Zap Helpdesk App is the most comprehensive Customer Service solution built on Dynamics 365 for Customer Service platform!

We had found that lot of our Helpdesk Customers are more comfortable in responding to Customer responses for Cases from Outlook…  rather than from within Dynamics 365 CE App…
This can be achieved using Email Commands!

Email Commands in Zap Helpdesk App lets you perform activities on a Case directly from your email inbox, without having to login to your Dynamics 365.

In this blog, we will go through a scenario where the Support Agent wants to respond back to Customer/Requestor (in regards to a Case) from Personal Inbox (e.g. but have the Email sent with From Recipient as Support (e.g.!

Scenario background explanation: A Case has been created in Dynamics 365 CE using Email-to-Case feature of  Zap Helpdesk App.
An auto-response was sent to Customer as well as a notification email was sent to Support agent/team.

Now Support Agent wants to respond back from his/her inbox but have the email go to Customer from generic support address. Let’s see how this can be achieved:

1. Below shows email notification received by Support Agent / Team when new case was created or new response was received from Customer:

2. Now to respond back to Customer… Support Agent can use Email command:
#ec #response [Agent Response] ##
Here #ec is the email command token; #response is the email command
#ec #response
Hi Mark,
Password for Report Scheduler related kb articles is: zaprs2390.

Few points to note regarding Email Command: #response:

  1. Support Agent is responding back from personal inbox to Support Queue
  2. Email needs to have Case Number in email subject (rest of the text in subject will be ignored)
  3. Email Command needs to be the first text in email body
  4. When Helpdesk App identifies email command “#response”… it automatically composes a new email to Customer/Requestor with below details:
    => “Email Recipient From” is the generic support address (e.g.
    => “Email Recipient To:” for Customer/Requestor are picked up from Case form “Email Recipients Section”
    => Email Subject is picked up from Email template which is selected in configuration section
    => Email body text is picked up from within Email Command (#ec #response [response to customer]  ##) which agents sends.
    => This email to Customer can also include full history of email & portal communication.

Below screenshot shows:
1. Support Agent responding from Mobile Outlook App to Support Queue using Email command “#response”
2. Helpdesk App identifying the email command…and automatically composing the email and sending back to Customer

For more details regarding Helpdesk App, check out Helpdesk App features page.

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