Zap Objects: Helpdesk App provides a very powerful Customer-Service functionality which has been built on top-of Dynamics 365 for Customer Service platform.

To get a high level overview of the Email-to-Case Support process using Dynamics 365 Customer Service, please refer our earlier blog: How to design a support process when using Dynamics 365 for Customer Service?

In Feb 22, we have released a major version of Zap Helpdesk App! This blog talks about the “History” feature which has also been released!

Zap Helpdesk App now introduces History section which has been added to Case form.

It mainly consists of 2 areas: Conversations & History

Conversations Area: These consists of Email & Portal Comments.

We have observed the following in regards to communication between Support Agent & Requestor of Support Case:

  • Requestor mainly interacts with Support team through emails.
  • Multiple people from Requestor’s team can also respond through email.
  • Now each email has actual response + redundant responses from previous conversation thread.
  • This “mix bag of responses” can make it very hard to see “who said what and when”

To resolve this problem, most third party Customer Support systems like Zendesk / Freshdesk have a functionality to extract only the newer email responses from all incoming/outgoing emails and create a clean email communication summary!

With latest release of Zap Helpdesk (Feb 22)… We too have added this feature:

We extract newer email responses from each sent/received email and create a nice noise-free email history! (This is only for emails sent/received regarding Case)
We not only display this email history summary in Case – History section… but also provide the ability to Support Agent to include this Case History (Email as well as Portal comments) in their email response to Customer!

Screenshot below shows the History section – Conversations Area (which is part of Zap Helpdesk App) in Case form with newer email responses which have been extracted:

History Area: These display: Case field changes,  Automated Email Notifications, Emails Sent/Received

Screenshot below shows the History section – History Area in Case form:

Field changes: You can configure which field changes need to be tracked (this can be done in HD configuration section)

Automated Email Notifications: Email notifications like new case acknowledgement to customer, new case creation to support team, new customer response received notification to support team can be tracked and shown in history section.

Emails sent/received are also displayed in history section.

Thus you can see that the Case.History section can provide a good visibility of Case progress and complement the present Case Timeline view.

For more details regarding Helpdesk App, check out Helpdesk App features page.

Please feel free to email if you have any questions or would like to schedule a demo!