Zap Helpdesk App is the most comprehensive Customer Service solution built on Dynamics 365 for Customer Service platform!

As you may know that App already has a functionality to notify Case Owner / Support Team whenever a New Email Response is received from Requestor / Customer. This notification can be in form of Email as well as In-App.

However at times it may be possible that Support Agent may have forgotten to respond back to some of these cases. Now there are multiple approaches that could be used to remind the Support Agents / Team to respond back to such cases:

Approach 1: Send an In-App Notification / Email to Case Owner if no reply is sent within 4 business hours of response received from Requestor

Zap Helpdesk has an Agent follow-up feature that could be used to automatically notify case owner if no response is sent to Requestor within X business hours.

Below shows the configuration settings for Agent follow-up feature:

Here you could enable Email as well as In-App Notification.

Approach 2: Create a View of all Cases which have received New Response from Requestor & are awaiting a reply from your Support Team

In regards to this functionality, Zap Helpdesk App does the following:
1. Updates the Case Status to: “New Response” (or whichever “Case Status” value which you configure) whenever a new email is received from Requestor/Customer
2. Updates the “Last Status Change (Date-Time)” field whenever the Case Status changes.

Now you can easily filter out Cases whose status is “New Response” and sort by “Last Status Change (Date-Time)”.

Agents can regularly check this View and ensure that all Cases are getting responded.

Besides you could also using Zap Report Scheduler App to schedule this View data to be sent to Support Team on daily basis!

This blog showed various approaches that could be used to automatically remind Support Agents to respond to their Cases… in same way you could also automate follow-up to Requestors/Customers if they do not respond back within X hours. For details on how to do this, refer our blog: How to avoid DORMANT Cases by sending automated follow-up reminders to Case Requestors / Customers to respond back to the Support Team – when using Zap Helpdesk App for Dynamics 365 for Customer Service (link)