Zap Helpdesk – Email to Case App enhances and extends the out-of-box standard email to case functionality. The App has tons and tons of features that can help provide world class support experience to your customers.

We had received a number of requests from our email-to-case app users to provide a way to automatically assign the case to a particular support agent if they are tagged (using pre-defined keyword) in the incoming email subject . So basically the requirement is that when a customer is sending email to your support address then they will also have an option to specify who their support agent is going to be. This sounded liked a very legitimate requirement…and so earlier this year, we had moved this to the top of our request list. We are happy to let you know that this feature has now been added (April 2018) and is available in the latest version of Zap Helpdesk – Email to Case App!

This feature is called “Case assignment by User Macro”.

Example: to assign the newly created case (from email-to-case) to user Sam Cary (…the email subject needs to have the user macro as shown below:

Original Email Subject: need help in importing leads in CRM
Modified Email Subject 1: need help in importing leads in CRM
Modified Email Subject 2: need help in importing leads in CRM @@sam

When a new case is created using Zap Email-to-Case App, then the owner would automatically be assigned to user Sam Cary by extracting the user macro details from email subject.

We can observe the following points from above example: @@USERMACRO
1. @@ is the marker which tells the app that a user-macro has been added in email subject. This marker text : “@@” can be changed in the configuration section if needed.
2. The @@usermacro can be used anywhere (beginning/end) in the email subject.
3. The extracted text (USERMACRO) is matched with a User email address in following order:
a. Direct match with user email. Here “=” query is used.
b. If no match found in (a) then best match with user email. Here “like” query is used…so you don’t need to enter complete email address…partial email address will also do…eg @@sam

The addition of user-macro feature in Zap Helpdesk – Email to Case App provides an additional case assignment automation technique apart from the four already available (for existing ones, refer my earlier blog). This technique could be very useful for customers who already are working with you and may prefer to have their future support requests be handled by a particular agent.