When a case is created in CRM (by email-to-case setup), the sender is notified back by email with details regarding case number and information for getting back. This kind of behavior, while common, is fine untill the sender also has some kind of auto-reply set-up. In this scenario, each system will continue to reply automatically to the other, every time a notification is received, creating a never-ending loop, until someone or something intervenes.


How Zap Helpdesk – Email to Case App prevents email loops?

Zap Helpdesk – Email to Case App provides enhanced helpdesk capabilities and works natively from within Dynamics 365 CRM. The App has built-in measures in-place to prevent such loops from occuring.

These are as follows:

Email Loop protection Settings: Before creating a new case, the app checks to see if a case with a similar subject and sender was created in last X minutes. If yes, then a new case will not be created. This breaks the infinite looping that could have occured. You can configure X (minutes) in the helpdesk configuration. By default, 5 minutes is used.

Suppresion using spam filter: Before creating a new case, the app searches for known keywords like “Out of Office”, “No reply”, “Delivery Failure”, etc (these can be configured in the spam filter settings). If any of these keywords is found in email subject then the case will not be created.

Both the above mechanisms can act as a safeguard in stopping the infinite email loop which could have resulted in dozens of cases getting created. Zap Helpdesk – Email to Case App has been built with many years of experience and can help in making your support process very efficient.