In this blog, I will explain the high level use-cases for setting up Email-to-Case in Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM (for your support mailbox) and how Zap  Helpdesk – Email to Case App can help. Please note that these are very generic use-cases and applicable to any support process.

For detailed Usecases refer: How to design a support process (email based) when using Dynamics 365 for Customer Service?

Use Case 1: Customer sends an email to your support mailbox (e.g. This email is received in CRM support queue. Email-to-Case setup converts this email to a case. An external email notification goes back to the customer with Case number and details regarding how to get back. An internal notification goes to your support team regarding this new case.

[Zap Helpdesk] Zap Helpdesk – Email to Case App provides very advanced Email-to-Case capabilities. The App converts the received email to case automatically. It can also send a case creation acknowledgment notification back to the sender of the email. Further, it can also send an internal notification to the case owner or internal support team with details of the created case (for internal notification, we recommend creating a distribution list to inform everybody in support team regarding the new case).

Use Case 2: A member of a support team replies back to the customer asking for more details or providing a resolution of this issue. It is important that this email is automatically tracked back to the case.

[Zap Helpdesk] Zap Helpdesk App can automatically track all email communication with the corresponding case. When a member of support team replies back to the customer, then he\she needs to mark support@… email address in the CC section of the email. The App extracts the case number from the email subject and automatically links this email to the appropriate case. This ensures that all email communication history is maintained within the case.

Use Case 3: Customer replies back to your support mailbox (eg regarding this existing case.

[Zap Helpdesk] When customer replies back to the support mailbox regarding an existing case…Zap Helpdesk – Email to Case App extracts the case number from email subject and links this email to the case. Out-of-box email-to-case is not effective in identifing if the email is part of an on-going communication regarding an existing case… which results in lots of duplicate cases getting created. On the other hand Zap Helpdesk algorithm is far superior and links the email correctly to the case! Further, the app also sends an internal notifcation to the Case owner that a new communication has been received for the case.

Use Case 4: Customer sends their support issue directly to support agent (eg instead of the generic support mailbox (eg.

[Zap Helpdesk] We have observed that most of the times, customers directly send their issues to the support agent they know… instead of sending the email to generic support address (eg

Here there are 2 scenarios:

Scenario 1: Email communication received is regarding an existing Case:

Here since the case already exists in CRM, the support agent can forward this email to support address ( It is important that the case number is in email subject.

Zap Helpdesk – Email to Case App will extract the case number from email subject and properly link the email to the corresponding case. This will ensure that all communication history will be maintained in the case.

Scenario 2: Email Communication received is regarding a new Case:

If the agent fowards this email to support mailbox then the newly created case gets linked to the wrong customer (as the email sender was the support agent). Also new case email notification is not sent to customer.

Here Zap Helpdesk – Email to Case App can help! The App has a “Forward to New Case” feature which allows forwarding of the email by agent to support queue…which not only creates a new case but also correctly links the case.customer to the orginial sender of the email. Further, the new case creation notification with case number details are also sent to the orginal sender(customer). For more details regarding this feature, refer link.

I am hoping that these high level use-cases will help you in setting up your own email-to-case support process. Zap Helpdesk – Email to Case App has been built with many years of experience and will help in making your email based support process very efficient!