Zap Objects: Helpdesk App provides a very powerful Customer Service desk functionality which has been built on top-of Dynamics 365 for Customer Service platform.
In the latest release of the app, we have now added Smart Rules Configurator functionality.

Smart Rules configurator allows you to create multiple rules which can:

  • Route the Newly Created Case to specific Queue
  • Set the Owner of the Case to User/Team
  • Set default values for Case fields

Each rule has capability to define a matching criteria. The Match can be based on Case.Customer or Sender Email/Domain or Text Match with Email body/subject.

Below are the 4 rule types presently supported:

Rule Type 1 = Customer Match
UseCase: Set Case Priority as High…if email is received from Customer X OR Set some case fields if email received from unknown sender (in this scenario Case.Customer is Default Account).

Rule Type 2 = Sender Email/Domain Match
UseCase: If the domain of sender email is then set Case.Priority as High. (so even if the sender email may not match any existing Contact’s email address…still you will be able to identify the Customer email based on email’s domain address)

Rule Type 3= Keywords Match
UseCase: If the sender email contains keywords like “return”, “exchange”, “refund” then route case to High Priority Queue.

Rule Type 4 = Default Always
UseCase: For all newly created cases (from email-to-case), set the case origin as email.

Lets consider an example scenario: Setting default values on Case Creation
Set Case Origin as Email, Priority as Normal

Step 1: Browse to Zap HD Configuration: Section Rules Configurator… and click “+ New Zap HD Smart Rules”

Step 2: Set Rule Type as “Default Always”

Please note that the Rules get executed based on “Sequence Number” (Low to High). So Rule with Sequence Number “0” will always get executed first. (also  to note that all rules will get executed)

Step 3: No need to set any condition for Rule Type: Default Always

Step 4: Open Section “Action” and click button “+ New Zap HD Default Value”

Smart Rules Configurator will help avoid the need for building additional workflows that have to be created for setting case field values conditionally. Moreover certain filters like keyword matching with incoming email or email from unknown sender cannot be built using out-of-box workflows…but can be now achieved using Zap Helpdesk’s Smart Rule Configurator functionality.

You can take a free trial of Zap Objects: Helpdesk App, using below link: