Last week, we added one more customer to our Zap Helpdesk – Email to Case solution. To us, every customer addition has been an event to celebrate. This one was even more special as this was our 5th implementation within a month and we decided to build a case-study out of it!


Zap Objects Helpdesk – Email to Case solution boosts support agent productivity and helps provide better customer service!

“This solution addresses a number of different requirements we had identified that we thought were going to need significant work. An absolute must have for any support team that uses Dynamics 365 for Customer Service!” – Rosalyn Arntzen, President & CEO, Amaxra Inc (Dynamics 365 Partner – Redmond, WA)


With Amaxra’s fast growth in multiple service offerings, the demands placed on their IT support desk had grown exponentially. Amaxra started using Dynamics 365 for Customer Service as a helpdesk system for offering support for their customers. The in-built email-to-case was also enabled for automatic conversion of emails received on support mailbox to Dynamics 365 Cases. A few challenges / gaps were quickly identified in the out-of-box support process when using Dynamics 365 which would likely incur significant custom development efforts to build and then to maintain (so as to be compatible with future Microsoft releases).


Amaxra implemented Zap Objects: Helpdesk – Email to Case solution as it seemed to not-only enhance the out-of-box email-to-case process but also extend the customer service module with many additional functionalities. Some of the features that stood-out: copying of email body to case description, spam filter, forward to create a new Case, quick email reply using canned responses to just name a few. The “Quick Email Reply” feature has helped significantly reduce response times resulting in a better customer experience!


Zap’s Helpdesk Application has enabled Amaxra’s support team to better manage cases with increased efficiency and also a better experience for customers overall.

For any questions or comments, email To download Case-Study, click here.