Zap Helpdesk – Email to Case App enhances and extends out-of-box email-to-case functionality. The app has tons and tons of features to fully automate your email based support process. “Canned responses” is the latest (July 2018) functionality added to the app!

Pre-defined or saved responses help facilitate faster replies to customer and boost agent productivity. We have observed that many of the customer support issues are of similar type and require the same information to be delivered to Customer. Instead of re-typing the issue again and again, support agents can now easily select a pre-defined response which will save time!

These pre-defined responses are called as canned responses and help facilitate quick email reply directly from Case form.

Canned Responses Vs Dynamics 365 Email Templates:
Canned responses are super scaled down version of Dynamics 365 Email templates. When composing a new email, you would use email templates to automatically apply a new email subject and body … where as you would use canned responses when you need to insert pre-typed text / sentences multiple times across your email.

Let me show you how to use canned responses:
In case form, scroll down to “quick email reply” section, then select the canned response title and click “Insert”. This will insert the canned response directly in the email editor wherever the cursor was earlier. You can insert multiple canned responses in an email.

The screenshot below shows how to insert canned response:

Any CRM user with sufficient permissions, can create canned responses.

Zap Helpdesk – Email to Case App comes with 10 sample canned responses that can help you get started faster. To install these sample canned responses : Browse to Zap Apps >> Canned Responses and click button “Install Sample data”.

To summarize, below are the features of canned responses:

  1. Easier to create and maintain (can be added by any support agent with necessary rights).
  2. Can be organized by categories which makes them easily searchable too
  3. Can add multiple canned responses to email

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Canned responses boost support agent productivity and facilitate quick email responses to customer. Start your free trial of Zap Helpdesk – Email to Case App from below link: