Microsoft released In-App Notification feature as part of Release Wave 2 – 2021.

Zap Notifications Generator App allows bulk generation of In-App Notifications (Bell Notifications): onDemand, based on Triggers Or based on Recurring pattern + Form Notifications + Email Notifications!

You can generate In-App Notifications even from Power Automate OR Workflows!

In this blog we will go through how we can generate In-App Notifications from Power Automate.

A very common use-case is to notify User (through In-App Notification) when a Case or Lead is assigned!

Using Zap Notifications Generator App below would be the steps needed:

Step 1: Create “Trigger Bell Notification” configuration record

Browse to “Trigger Notifications” entity and click “New”.

Fill-in the Notification message… Here you can also insert case field values by using the “Token Generator”. The JSON data will be automatically generated from Case Title & body details.

Now select the Users that need to be notified: Here we select “Owner” in the “Dynamics Users” tab… since we need to notify the new case owner on case assignment.

Once all details have been filled-in… click “Publish” button!

Step 2: In your Power Automate / Flow call Action: “zap_no_create_trigger_bell_notification_action” and pass reference to “Trigger Bell Notification” configuration record created in Step 1. (Please note that you achieve this step even using Workflow)

Now whenever Case is assigned… user would automatically receive In-App Notification message as shown below:

This blog is part of our series “Introducing Zap Notifications Generator App for Dynamics 365 Sales, Customer Service & Power Apps”.

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Zap Recent Updates (Oct 2021)

1. New App Released: Zap Notifications Generator App has been released. This App uses the new Dynamics 365 In-App Notifications feature that was released as part of Release Wave 2, 2021. (Please note that On-Premise users who do not have this Wave 2 feature can also use our Notifications App!)

2. New Version Released: Zap Report Scheduler App (v
Now use Power Automate to Export Report to Excel / PDF documents!

3. New App Released: Zap Audit User Actions App: Boost User Adoption by Easily tracking User Logins and Actions (Create / Update / Delete / Qualify / Opp Won/ Case Resolved / Task Completed etc)! This App will also be part of Zap All-in-One Subscription!

4. Next Major version of Zap Helpdesk App will be released in Dec 21… there are tons of new features being added!!

5. New Version Released: Zap Email Parser App (v
1. Ability to define a configuration as default configuration. So if none of the filter conditions match then you can have this default configuration executed.
2. Added support for Dynamic date values when creating parsing rules (e.g. automatically populating current date or current date + X days)