Presently when you need to preview an Email Attachment in Dynamics 365 CE/CRM, you need to first download the attachment and then open to preview it.

These would be few unnecessary clicks besides making your downloaded files folder crowded.

We are happy to let you know that we have now added “Attachment Preview” feature to Zap Email Reader App!

To preview attachment, right-click the attachment and select “View” (as shown in screenshot below):

Few points to note regarding attachment preview feature:

  1. Only attachments of file type image and PDF are supported.
  2. Attachments need to be present in Dynamics 365 Storage and not external storage.

This is just one of the several features that have been added in March 2020 release of Zap Email Reader App. For list of other features newly added, refer below blog link:

Filtering Email Signature Images, Previewing Attachments, Formatting of Email recipients,… And many more features added to latest version(March 2020) of Zap Email Reader App for Dynamics 365 Sales and Customer Service

Details regarding Zap Email Reader App:

Zap Email Reader App provides Outlook-like interface to read emails within Dynamics 365 CE/CRM forms. The reading pane allows easy reading of the email contents without the need to open up each email record!
The “Email Reader” could be added to any entity form (eg Account / Contact / Case form…etc) or even to Dashboard to view Users/Teams emails or Queue Emails. Besides for “email reader” being shown in entity form, you could even configure from which all child entities the emails need to be rolled up!

Screenshot of “Email Reader” added to Dynamics 365 Account form:

Below are some useful links to get started quickly:

Demo : Walk through of using Email Reader App:

Product Page

Support Page

Please feel free to email if you have any questions.

Latest updates from Zap Objects (March 2020):

Zap All-in-One Combo Plan: Get best value by subscribing to our Zap All-in-One Plan!

Our next 2 Apps are scheduled to be released in April-May 2020! More details to follow soon!

Zap Report Scheduler:

  1. Now Schedule Multiple Excel Templates to receive in single email
  2. Now even Schedule Views to receive in email or Save to SharePoint
  3. Workflow Capability now extended even to Word Templates (not just reports) to send Documents (PDF/Word) in email or save to SharePoint or save to notes.

Zap Email Reader

  1. Reading pane data now working asynchronously which drastically reduces the loading time!
  2. Emails are retrieved not just based on Regarding field but also participant list (was most requested feature for Contact related emails)
  3. Reading pane added even for Queues.

Zap Helpdesk – Email to Case App

  1. Fixed bug related to extracting email address of sender (from email) when email domain contains numeric values(e.g.
  2. Released 9.0 build which is compatible with Unified Interface

Zap Copy Record App

  1. Released 9.0 build which is compatible with Unified Interface. You can download the latest file from AppSource.
  2. Bulk Copy feature added: Now you can select multiple records in View and Clone/Copy/Duplicate in single click!

To explore all our Apps, check out:

Feel free to email if you have any questions.