Recently, we had a customer who was having a shared mailbox on exchange server which received support issues from customers in a pre-filled fashion, similar to below email:

[Client issue] laptop issue
[Client Email ID]
[comments] laptop has power lit but shows blank screen. We tried resetting the laptop many times but still issue remains.
[priority] high

We can forward this email to create a Case in Dynamics 365 CRM. However out-of-the-box, the Case fields would not populate with the data from email(eg case description, case customer, case priority etc). So the customer’s team had to manually copy paste this data in to CRM. This was a painstakingly slow and manual process.

Using Zap Email Parser App for Dynamics 365 for Customer Service, we can create parsing rules which would automatically extract the needed information from email and create a new case.

Below would be the field mappings for Case entity:

Case.Title => Extracted from [Client issue]
Case.Customer => Email extracted from [Client Email ID] and then matched against CRM contacts
Case.Description => Extracted from [comments]
Case.Priority => Extracted from [priority] and mapped to option-set
Case.Source => Set to default value “Email” for all cases generated through this channel.

When setting up Zap Email parser App, we will need to create parsing rules which contain the above field mappings.

A Parsing Rule is a collection of simple instructions which tell our algorithm what kind of data you want to pull out from your emails. Typically you’ll create multiple parsing rules, one for each data field inside your email (e.g. customer name, company etc.).

Eg. Parsing rule to extract the Comments and populate case.description field would be as follows:
Destination Entity: Case
Destination Field: Description
Data Source: Email Body
Start Position: Text Match After
Start Position Text: Comments:
End Position: End of Line

For more detailed explanation of parsing rules refer Zap Email Parser App knowledgebase.

Once you setup the parsing rules, all emails received would automatically be parsed to create new cases in CRM. No more manual data-entry!

If you have a neeed for more powerful email-to-case capabilities then be sure to check-out Zap Helpdesk – Email to Case App too! This app is presently the most comprehensive helpdesk solution for Dynamics 365 platform.