Zap Objects Email Parser App parses emails to create Dynamics 365 CRM records.

Common use-cases are:

  • Email to Lead
  • Email to Case
  • Email to Any CRM Record!

Is Zap Email Parser App HIPAA Compliant?

This has been one of the most common question that we have been receiving from our Customers. So we thought of explaining this compliance requirement in more details!

Most “Email Parsing” solutions out in market, use some kind of web service to which you need to forward the email that needs to be parsed. The email is then parsed at vendors end and then the service writes data back in to your CRM system…basically creating new record (Lead / Case / etc).

A HIPAA-compliant solution requires meeting a variety of security, training, policy, and procedure requirements that extend beyond the secure transmission of a message itself. These policies and procedures ensure that medical office staff send protected information with appropriate levels of security to the right person.
As far as security goes, HIPAA requires private health information (PHI) to be secure while in transit and while at rest.

In contrast to these external “Email Parsing” solutions, Zap Objects “Email Parser” App, parses the email within your own CRM. NO INFORMATION IS SENT OUT OF YOUR CRM SYSTEM.

Let me explain how does the parsing work:

Email Parser App is a managed solution that can be installed within CRM directly from Microsoft AppSource. The solution consists of a configuration section which allows you to create parsing rules.
A Parsing Rule is a collection of simple instructions which tells our algorithm what kind of data you want to pull out from your emails. Typically you’ll create multiple parsing rules, one for each data field inside your email (e.g. customer name, company etc.).
All the parsing happens within your CRM…using “Email Parser” plugin which activates whenever an email is received in CRM. We do not use any external data service to do parsing!
So there is no worry of non-compliance to HIPAA or even GDPR as we never send any information out of CRM!

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