Zap Report Scheduler App can Schedule Dynamics 365 Reports / Excel Templates to be received in email inline or as attachment OR saved to SharePoint OR saved to Notes!

Besides Scheduling, you could also use WORKFLOWS to:

  • Generate PDF/Excel of the Report OnDemand!
    (Example Scenario: Emailing PDF copy of the invoice report to Customer when invoice changes to Paid status!) (for details, refer blog link)
  • Generate PDF/Word Document from multiple Word Templates and send it in single email!

We are happy to let you know that we have now added even “View Scheduling” feature to Zap Report Scheduler App

Use-Case Explanation: Scheduling a View to be received in Email
We have found that many of Dynamics 365 Users are more comfortable in using Views than Reports. This is because Views can be easily created or modified in few clicks…using the “Advanced Find” feature!
Also this requires no additional support from your IT Support team…any user can achieve this in few clicks!!!

Zap Report Scheduler supports both System as well as Personal Views!

Lets consider a scenario where you need to send the “Opportunity Nearing Close Date” report to Sales Team.

Step 1: Create the Opportunity View with filter for “Est. Close date in Next 7 days” and “Owner Equals Current User”

Step 2: Configure Report Scheduler record: => Select Entity & View => Create Recurring Schedule => Select the Users who need to receive this report on weekly basis.

Outcome: Report received in email – Inline as well as in attachment

Please note the below points regarding View Scheduling:

  • In above use-case, we sent the “Opportunity Nearing Close Date” report to all Users in Sales Team group. Here everyone received the same report… However if you would like to Send each Sales User only his/her record… Then try out Bulk Scheduling feature “Scheduling a Singler Report to multiple Users…such that each user receive only their records”…for details refer User-Guide
  • The Report design is fully configurable. You can easily modify the logo, style, colours and other CSS elements to match your Company Branding! And all this can be done through the configuration section… No Custom development needed!

Using Zap Report Scheduler App you can:

  1. Schedule Reports
  2. Schedule Views
  3. Schedule Excel Templates (for details, refer blog link)

For ad-hoc reporting purpose we recommend Scheduling Views!

Latest updates from Zap Objects (Nov 2019):

Zap All-in-One Combo Plan: Get best value by subscribing to our Zap All-in-One Plan! Our Next App will be released in December 2019 (details to follow soon).

Zap Report Scheduler:

  1. Now Schedule Multiple Excel Templates to receive in single email
  2. Now even Schedule Views to receive in email or Save to SharePoint

Zap Email Reader

  1. Reading pane data now working asynchronously which drastically reduces the loading time!
  2. Emails are retrieved not just based on Regarding field but also participant list (was most requested feature for Contact related emails)

Zap Helpdesk – Email to Case App

  1. Fixed bug related to extracting email address of sender (from email) when email domain contains numeric values(e.g.
  2. Released 9.0 build which is compatible with Unified Interface

Zap Copy Record App

  1. Released 9.0 build which is compatible with Unified Interface. You can download the latest file from AppSource.

Zap Calendar Pro

  1. Added ability to add Calendar to data from any entity along with Activities
  2. Released 9.0 build which is compatible with Unified Interface.
  3. Added lots of advanced features. For more information, email

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