A very common requirement with Customer Support teams is the ability to track time spent against Cases.

This can help in understanding:

  • Which type of Cases are consuming the most time
  • Do we need to hire or scale down?
  • How much to bill customer for support?

Now we can easily track time spent by Support agents on Cases using Zap Case Time-Tracker App!

To add new time entry record:

Step 1: Browse to Case form, click on “+” button in “Time Tracker” Sub-Grid (as shown in below screenshot)

Step 2: Fill-in the time-entry details

Here following fields have been automatically populated: User (with logged-in User), On (with current Date and Time)

Step 3: Close the Time-Entry form.
Now the Case form is automatically refreshed… and the roll-up fields for “Total-Time” and “Billable-Time” are re-calculated.

From Reporting perspective, below 2 views can be useful:

View 1: Case View with columns “Total Time” and “Billable Time”:

View 2: Time Entry View with columns from Case Entity

Below are some useful links that will help you get started with Zap Case Time Tracker App:

Features Page: https://zapobjects.com/apps/zap-case-time-tracker/
Knowledge Base: https://support.zapobjects.com/
AppSource Solution Install Link: https://appsource.microsoft.com/en-us/product/dynamics-365/zap.zap_case_time_tracker?tab=Overview


Latest Updates from Zap Objects (Aug 2020)

  1. New App Released: Zap Notifications/ Alerts: Create Announcements,Trigger-based Notification(Case\Lead assigned), Recurring Notification, Form Based Notification

  2. New Build Released: Zap Report Scheduler: Now works with Power Apps (Model-Driven) too! (Schedule Reports, Views, Excel Templates + Generate & Email PDF/Excel of Reports or Document Template using Workflows)