In this blog, we will go through the top 5 business benefits of why you need to track time-spent on support cases.

Employee efficiency is easy to determine
Without accurately tracking your employee’s time spent on each customer request, you may not be aware how efficiently that time is being spent. Time tracking allows you to see the productivity level of your customer service team, whether it’s highly streamlined or low. If you are able to see how time is being spent, you can address any possibility of wasted time.

Prioritization is easier
Some issues are more pressing than others; by tracking the time spent on various requests, you can learn which requests to put first (those that may take longer to solve or involve more difficult resolutions) and which can wait. Prioritizing your time will result in less time wasted, faster issue resolution, and more satisfied customers.

Deciding which departments need more support is simple
Time tracking gives you an overview of how much time is actually being spent in each area of your business. If you notice one department is being flooded with requests that eat up a large portion of your customer service reps’ time, you can allocate more help to that area. When you are aware of where time is being spent, it is easier to determine where your employees are most needed.

Budgeting for projects, billing, payroll, etc. is easier.
The financial benefits of time tracking are obvious – if you can see where time is being spent, you can better estimate future costs, budgets for projects, payroll, and client billing, and the value of work in progress (the total time spent on resolving incoming issues). With concrete data, setting budgets and lowering costs is much easier than guessing blindly.

Motivate your support team
Knowing your time is being monitored is one of the best motivators possible. Time tracking gives each individual member of the team the opportunity to assess how they are spending their time and see the areas of potential improvement. This insight can lead to better prioritization, increased productivity, and a more streamlined, stress-free routine.

If you are on the fence about whether you need to track time for your support cases, ask yourself this question:

Is profitability important to you? If answer is yes then you and your business should definitely be tracking time for cases.

You can use Zap Case Time Entry App for tracking time spent on Support Cases.
The time-tracking section will be added to the Case form (as shown in screenshot below):

Below are some useful resources that will help you get started with Zap Case Time Tracker App:

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