We normally configure Workflows or “Power Automate” to send automatic emails to Users whenever any important events happen in Dynamics 365 CE / Power Automate.

For example:

  • Notifying Customer Service Representative through email that a Case has been assigned
  • Notifying Sales Users that new lead has been assigned to them.

Zap Objects: Notifications / Alerts App provides one more approach to notify User of important events in Dynamics 365 / Power Apps. This is using a Bell Notification as shown in below screenshot:

All  important details regarding the Lead or Case would be provided in the Notification message. Besides User  can directly click on the links from within the message and navigate to the specific Dynamics record too!

Also the notifications are in real-time and show-up with a notification count (next to bell icon) as soon as the event happens (as shown in below screenshot).

For more information, please refer below links:

Zap Notifications /  Alerts App feature page: https://zapobjects.com/apps/zap-notifications/

KB Article: How to configure Trigger based Notifications

All Zap Apps: https://zapobjects.com/

Zap Notifications App works with “Dynamics 365 CE”as well as “Power Apps (Model-Driven)”


Latest Updates from Zap Objects (Aug 2020)

  1. New App Released: Zap Notifications/ Alerts: Create In-App Notifications for: Announcements,Trigger-based Notification(Case\Lead assigned), Recurring Notification, Form Based Notification

  2. New App Released: Zap Case Time Tracker (Free): Track and log time spent by support agents directly on Case form.

  3. New Build Released: Zap Calendar Pro: Now supports Top-down View too

  4. New Build Released: Zap Report Scheduler: Now works with Power Apps (Model-Driven) too! (Schedule Reports, Views, Excel Templates + Generate & Email PDF/Excel of Reports or Document Template using Workflows)

  5. Most Zap Apps now work with Power Apps as well as Dynamics 365 CE! For list of all Zap Apps, check out: https://zapobjects.com/