Dynamics 365 CE / Power Apps does not have an in-app notification functionality which could be used to notify users of important updates or reminders.

Zap Notifications App helps in filling this gap!

In this blog we will discuss how to create Recurring Notification – Use Case: Notify users every Friday to submit their time-sheet! (Screenshot below:)

Recurring Notification can be of 2 types:

  1. General: e.g. Reminding Users every Friday to fill-in their time-sheet
  2. Entity-Related: e.g. Notifying Sales users of their Opportunities which are nearing Close date (for details, refer blog link)

Below are the steps required to create Recurring Notification (of type General):

Step 1: Browse to  Recurring Bell Notification and click “New”. Fill-in the details in section: General
Here select “Notification Type”  as “General”. (If the Recurring Notification is to be based on an entity then select “Notification Type” as “Entity-Related”. An example for this could be: Notifying Sales Users of their opportunities which are nearing Close date)

Step 2: Create the Recurring Schedule

Step 3: Add the message

Step 4: Add the Notification Audience (Select Users / teams)

Step 5: Publish the Notification

Now based on recurring schedule (configured in step 2)… the users would be automatically shown the notification (as in first screenshot of this blog)…

Also the notifications are in real-time and show-up with a notification count (next to bell icon) as soon as the notification is generated as per the schedule (as shown in below screenshot):

For more information, please refer below links:

Zap Notifications / Alerts App feature page: https://zapobjects.com/apps/zap-notifications/
KB Article: How to configure Recurring Notifications
For list of all Zap Apps check-out: https://zapobjects.com/

Please note that Zap Notifications App works with Dynamics 365 CE as well as Power Apps (Model-Driven) as well!

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