Zap Notifications / Alerts App allows you to configure different types of notifications which could be shown to Users based on any event in the system or any action performed.

The use-cases covered by this solution are quite vast… in this blog we will focus only on Notifications displayed to User when accessing a particular Record (namely called as Form Notifications). (For other types of Notifications supported… please refer features page: )

Form Notifications are of 2 types:

  1. Fixed Form Notification: To manually add notification to a particular record, use fixed form notification
  2. Conditional Form Notification: To add notification to multiple records (group of similar records), use conditional form notification.

Lets go through Fixed form notification… (to  learn more about Conditional Form Notification, refer blog link)

Use-Case: Whenever a particular account record is accessed, display message “Account is on credit-hold”

To add this notification, please follow below steps:

  1. Browse to the Account record related section and click “Zap No Form  Notification”. Now click “New”
  2. Fill-in the General Section (add severity level, start date and end date,select message to be shown in form  inline or pop-up)
  3. Add the message
  4. Publish the record

Whenever a user accesses this account record, notification will be displayed as shown in below screenshot:

The user will also have the option to dismiss this notification (from the pop-up).

Besides you could also track the users who have dismissed this notification:

For more information, please refer below links:

Zap Notifications / Alerts App feature page:
KB Article: How to configure Fixed Form Notification
For list of all Zap Apps check-out:

Please note that Zap Notifications App works with Dynamics 365 CE as well as Power Apps (Model-Driven)!