Once your CRM is up and running, you’ll want to know the level of User Adoption.

This requirement could be partially achieved by building a dashboard which gives how many accounts/contacts/leads were created. However this isn’t all-encompassing enough as lot of users may be just interacting with the information in the system (like updating records/ adding notes/ completing activities etc) and probably not creating new records!

We also know that Dynamics 365 CE has an auditing functionality!… You could look around those logs casually to see what is happening… However generating any meaningful adoption reports out of this humongous data is very challenging!

Lets see how easy it is to track User Adoption using Zap Audit User Actions App for Dynamics 365 CE / Power Apps!

Zap User Adoption Tracker App can help in tracking User logins as well as any User-Actions like create / update / delete / assign / lead qualify / case resolved / opportunity won / email sent / task completed / phone call made etc

Once tracking has been enabled, all the User-Action tracking information is collected in real-time!

Below are some of the interesting reports that come with the solution – which could help you track User – Adoption across your Organization:

Reports for Login Analytics:

Daily User Login Trend Report

User Login Assessment Report : Report of all Users and number of days they accessed Dynamics 365 over a given period of time.

For more details regarding various Login Analytics report, please refer blog: link

Reports for User-Actions Analytics:

Daily Usage Trend Report

User Actions Usage Report –  with ability to drill-down to specific records

Audit Log Report (with real-time tracking details)

Below are some useful links to get started:

Zap User Adoption Tracking App Features Page: https://zapobjects.com/apps/zap-audit-user-actions/
Support Site: https://support.zapobjects.com/ (Refer Zap Audit User Actions KB articles)

To schedule a demo, email sales@zapobjects.com!

Please note that this App will also be made available in our Zap All-in-One package! So if you are already subscribed to All-in-One plan then feel free to get your license activated by emailing our Support team.