Zap Report / View Scheduler App allows you to schedule Reports to run at regular interval (Daily / Weekly / Monthly) and deliver in email / upload to SharePoint. Apart from this the app can also generate reports using flows/workflows based on defined trigger.

In this blog, we will go through the below requirement and show you as how easily this can be achieved using “Bulk Scheduling” feature of Zap Report Scheduler App:

Requirement: I have a Sales team of 15 Sales Managers and need to send them report of “Opportunities nearing Close date” every week. However please note that each sales manager should receive only their records and not everyone’s.

A traditional approach to achieve this requirement using Zap Report Scheduler App would be:

  1. Create opportunity close date report with filter: Owner Equals Current User
  2. Create 15 different “Report Scheduler Configuration” records with each one having owner set as each sales manager

Isn’t that a lot of work? to not only build but also to maintain!

Zap Objects now brings to you a new innovative approach called as “Bulk Scheduling” which would achieve this requirement with just 1 Configuration record…greatly simplifying the task of creating and maintaining the schedule!

Let’s see a demo  of how bulk Report Scheduling works:

Now all sales managers would automatically receive “Opportunities Nearing Close Date” report with only their OWN records and not everyone else’s.

To learn more about Zap Report Scheduler App, refer below link:

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Zap Recent Updates (Oct 2022)

1. New App  Released: Zap Case Time Entry App: Track and log time spent by support agents on cases directly from Case form (either using built in Timer functionality or manually add Start & End Times or duration)!

The next version which will have timesheet management functionality will be released in Aug 2022!

2. New Version Released: Zap Helpdesk App (v44.1.1.9) :A super major version of Zap Helpdesk has now been released. Some of the new features are: Case History, Email Reply – with ability to include full email and portal history in all new responses to customer, dedicated notifications module with all standard set of notifications built-in, Email Commands, and many more!

3. New Version Released: Zap Report / View Scheduler App (v
1. When scheduling Excel or Word Template…user can now select even “Shared” personal excel template and “Shared” personal View
2. Automatic Retry for Report Generation using “Schedule Report” option: If due to any reason (eg report server busy), report generation fails… then we provide the option to retry report execution again after 1 minute… and then again if it fails then after 10 minutes. This retry mechanism would guarantee 99.99% delivery.