Copying or Cloning of records is one of the nifty features that doesn’t exist in Dynamics 365 CRM out-of-box!

How can Zap Object’s – Copy Record App help?
Using Zap Copy Record App you can copy / clone / duplicate any record in CRM (eg lead, opportunity, account, contact, quote, etc) along with its related child records (eg opportunity and its opportunity products) in a single click.

To copy / clone record, just click the “Copy” button which is shown in ribbon of form as well as the grid (as shown in screenshot below):


Once the duplicate record is created, it would automatically open up!

Let’s go through the top 5 use-cases for copying / cloning records using Zap Copy Record App:

1. Copy a lead:
If you work with a particular company a lot, and find yourself creating similar leads for that company over and over again, you can make life easier by copying or cloning existing leads. Using Zap Copy Record App you can create a duplicate lead, and then just change any small details you require.

2. Copy a Quote:
A user often comes across business requirements where they need to create same type of quotes multiple times. Imagine a quote having 10 line-items. If you need to create similar quote for a different customer then you would need to manually add each line-item again!
To avoid creating similar type of quotes repeatedly, users can make use of Zap Copy Record functionality which will duplicate a quote in 1-Click.

3. Copying Marketing List:
Dynamics marketing lists consists of filter conditions which at run-time creates a query to fetch the members of the marketing list. Sometimes there are multiple filter conditions within a dynamic marketing list. If you need to create a similar marketing list which may involve just tweaking a particular filter…there is no option out-of-box to duplicate the list… instead you got to create the whole list again! This is not only waste of time but also allows a large room for error when manually recreating the list.
Using Zap Copy Record App, you can easily duplicate the marketing list in 1-Click.

4. Copying Goals:
Goals are time-based and hence need to be re-created every time they expire. For example if you have 25 people in your sales team and you define sales goals quarterly then imagine the amount of time you need to spend re-creating it manually every few months.
Using Zap Copy Record App, you can clone / copy or duplicate goals in 1-Click!

5. Copying a Custom Entity and related child records:
We use custom entities for tracking any additional business information in CRM. The custom entity could further have additional child entities. Zap Copy Record App also supports custom entities and you can easily create a copy of custom entity along with its child records in 1-Click!

For more information, refer the apps features page:

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