The Lead Qualification process in Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM assumes that the lead conversion always ends either in creation of opportunity or disqualification. But many businesses have lead qualification scenarios that don’t end in creation of opportunity.

Few scenarios where you would typically not like to create an opportunity record on lead qualification are:

  1. You have imported multiple leads for the same company and would like to qualify all of them as contacts but need only a single opportunity record to be created.
  2. You met several leads at trade show. Though they don’t seem to be an opportunity at the moment, they do have potential for future business. For marketing purpose, you would like to have the leads qualified to accounts and contacts but don’t need opportunity records.
  3. A new contact from an existing account visits your website and fills-in the “Download Request” form (don’t need to purchase anything at the moment). The contact us form creates a lead record in CRM. You would like to convert this lead to a contact record but don’t need the opportunity record to be created.

Earlier in CRM 2011 days, we used to get a dialog box to select if we need to create opportunity or not on lead qualification. Unfortunately this behaviour was changed in CRM 2013, to always create opportunity record on lead qualification.

How can “Zap Lead Qualify without Opportunity” App help?

Zap Lead Qualify without Opportunity App adds a capability which will allow you to qualify lead without creating a new opportunity record.

On installing the app, a new button “Qualify – No Opp.” would be available under existing “Qualify” button (as shown in screenshot below). Clicking this new button will qualify the lead to Account and Contact. No new opportunity record will get created.

Please note that the existing out-of-box lead qualification functionality stays the same and is not impacted.