Zap Email Parser (Email to Any Record)


Extract email data to create Dynamics 365  Sales leads, or any Power Apps record automatically using Zap Email Parser App. Save hours of manual data-entry!

Refer App page for more details:

– Pricing is based on user-tiers (which is count of licensed Dynamics 365 users)
– Pricing is for 1-year. For multiple year pricing, email for a custom quote.
– Pricing includes license for 1-production and 1-non-production environment.



Zap Email parser extracts email data to create Dynamics 365 CE/ Power Apps (Model-Driven) records. The App parses the email subject and body based on the configuration that has been set-up.

Use Case 1: Create leads automatically for emails received on your sales mailbox (Email-to-lead)
Use Case 2: Create Custom Entity records automatically for emails received on your mailbox (Queue)
Use Case 3: Extracting data from Web forms

Additional information

User-Tier (count of all users)

1-30, 31-60, 61-100, 101-200

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