Zap All-in-One Annual Subscription


“All-in-One” Annual Subscription plan bundles license for all Zap Dynamics 365 CRM Apps.

Please note that you can purhcase each app seperately too. This plan would work out best if you are interested in subscribing to more than one app!

– Pricing is based on user-tiers (which is count of Enabled CRM users)
– Pricing is for 1-year and includes user-count up to 200 users. For multiple year pricing or user-count above 200, email for a custom quote.
– Pricing includes license for 1-production and 1-non-production environment.



Getting confused in managing multiple app subscriptions?

We heard you!! We bring to you: Zap All-in-One Annual Subscription Plan!

Apps included under this plan:

  • Zap Email Reader (Read emails with ease in Dynamics using Email Readar’s Outlook like interface)
  • Zap Copy Record (Clone Any Record and its Child Records in a Single Click!)
  • Zap Helpdesk – Email to Case (Most Advanced Email-to-Case Solution build for Dynamics 365)
  • Zap Email Parser (Email to Any CRM Record)
  • Zap Report Scheduler (Schedule Reports / Views / Excel Templates / Word Templates / Workflow to send PDF (of report) in email)
  • Zap Calendar Pro (Most Powerful Activity Calendar + Add Data from Any Entity!)
  • Zap Alerts Pro (Coming Up – Jun 2020)


  • One simple easy to manage subscription
  • Cost-effective
  • Highly affordable


Additional information

User-Tier (Count of Enabled CRM Users)

1-30, 31-60, 61-100, 101-200