Zap Helpdesk App is the most comprehensive Email-to-Case solution built for Dynamics 365 for Customer Service. For details on various features and functionalities refer:

Let’s see what are the different ways in which Support Agents can identify Cases which have received new email  response:

When a new email response is received, Helpdesk App does the following:

1. Set the Custom field: Case.New Response to True.

Case.New Response is a custom field which gets added when Helpdesk solution is installed. Whenever a new email response is received for an existing Case…this flag is set to true. (Please note that this field is also set to true for a New Case).

Now you can create a new Case View and have it filtered by condition: New Response = True. This way all Cases that have received a new email response can be identified easily!

Now whenever a Support Agent takes action for a Case, they can clear this flag.

There are 3 approaches to clear this flag:

a. Click button “Mark Read” which is provided in Case Form and View. This will automatically clear the field “New Response”.

b. When Support Agent responds back to Customer from “Quick Email Reply” section… this field “New Response” can automatically be reset (based on Quick Email Reply – User settings)

Below screenshot shows the “Quick Email Reply” section added to Case form: for details regarding “Quick Email Reply” section, refer KB article on Zap Support Site.

c. Add field: “New Response” to Case form…and manually un-Check this field.

2. Generate an internal email notification which will be sent to Case Owner and anyone else as mentioned in configuration.

Below screenshot shows configuration section for internal email notification settings:

Below screenshot shows an email received by a Support Team member when new email response was received for an existing Case:

As we can see from above that there are various options available in Helpdesk solution which could help Support Agents in easily identifying Cases which have received a new email communication (from Customer).

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